I really need help guys

my code is refusing to run

Your code so far
my code is refusing to work guys help

var myNoun = "dog";
var myAdjective = "big";
var myVerb = "ran";
var myAdverb = "quickly";

// Only change code below this line
var wordBlanks = "It was really"  + "cold" + " and we " + "laughed" + "  ourselves " + " silly " + "."; // Change this line
// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Word Blanks

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You need to use the variables defined at the top in your solution.

Hi @nanay!

The great things about variables is that you can assign something to them and then reference the variable name.

For example

var fName = "Jessica"
var lName = "Wilkins"

var sentence = fName + " " + lName + " is awesome"

You notice how I use the variable names instead of “Jessica” “Wilkins”

That is what you have to do with this exercise.

Hope that makes sense!

thanks for your help its does make sense but now its saying between the adjective and the adverb they must be a non -word between that is the only thing which is stopping my code to run if u can assist on that one

If you look at my example I had to use empty strings to create spaces.

When you get to the es6 section of the curriculum, you will learn a much easier way to write this without having to create empty strings.

Also you can use console.log(wordBlanks) and see exactly what the result looks like before running the test.

let me do that then I will come back to you