I really Need Help

How to fix this codes
var displayAddress = ({location = ‘location’}) => {document.querySelectorAll(’.details’).textContent = (‘location.(street,city,state)’)};

  var displayBirthdate = ({dob = 'dob'}) => {document.querySelectorAll('.details').textContent = ('dob.(age)')};
  var displayPhone = ({phone = 'phone', cell='cell'}) => {document.querySelectorAll('.details').textContent = phone.cell};

Did you write this code?

Or is this a question that purposefully has syntax errors that you must fix?

It’s coming up over and over in the forums. It appears to be an interview question for a specific company (Andela). I’m really disinclined to help with these questions, but I’m still looking for a polite way to brush them off.

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i only have 4 hours left