I rejected an internship interview

I am freelancing front end dev. I’ve been volunteering my time with non-profits and freelancing on upWorks. A company reached out to me and offered an paid internship interview. I declined, I don’t feel I was ready for the internship… has any else declined an internship or a position just because they didn’t feel ready or a cultural fit?

I’ve definitely turned down interviews. I’ve also bailed partway through interviewing process. If you have the freedom to do so, it’s good to feel confident turning down jobs that you don’t think you want.

I would advise taking the interview especially when you do not feel ready. The logic is that how would you ever know if you’re ready unless you talk to them? Until you talk to a company, you actually have no idea what the expectations and responsibilities are for the role. I’d encourage you to talk to companies every chance you get, provided it fits your schedule.

Yeah, I would at least see the opportunity through and talk to them. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re not ready. Maybe they will provide information that makes it clear that you are exactly what they want. But in any case, you would get some valuable experience interviewing. And you would be expanding your network.

But yeah, sometimes you turn things down as a waste of time. But this sounds like something I would have wanted to know more about.