I released my first app! Twelve - Feedback Wanted

Hey, after a long time of development besides my studies, I have just released my first app: Twelve :partying_face:

What is Twelve? :face_with_monocle:

It’s an original concept of chatting app focused on getting people together during the current day .

The experience is really about: what do I want to do today? who is available? Organize spontaneously and easily something.

The originality is that we use a time picker and not geolocation, there is also a quick way to build chat groups and avoid spam of notifications.

&& all data are secured by end-to-end encryption (we use our own open source data system)

How can you help? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is the first public version of Twelve. Feel free to share your opinion about the project, either it is good or bad . It could be about the app itself, or about the website, or even about the concept. Even if you only visit the website for one minute, just give me your feeling, it will help me to improve it.

> You can find everything on the website (only for desktop)

> Twelve is available on the android play store for free.

(you can add me in the app, my pseudo is: Alex M)

Thanks a lot for your time.
(And if you write a review on the play store I will love you forever :heartbeat: )

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Nice! I didn’t download it, but nice job making the webpage!

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haha thanks, it’s only 2Mb if you want to have a try, it’s very helpful !

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I’m only thirteen. I don’t have a phone, so no. Sorry.
I know. A thirteen-year-old on here. I’m a semi-genius.

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Well, a real genius never call himself a genius (it should still be true for a semi-genius)

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I’m just joking about that.
I’m just homeschooled and really ahead.