I Reset to start afresh

From the very 1st project, once I click “Start coding” I don’t see any IDE on display…Please help!

I think it’s my Chrome…I copied the url to Edge…it worked there!

It could be an extension in Chrome you have enabled or something like that. That is interesting!

Yes sir, it keeps giving me this(even in the new browser):


Sorry, your code does not pass. Keep trying.


You appear to be using a browser extension that is modifying the page. Be sure to turn off all browser extensions.

I would take a look at your extensions and try disabling them one by one and refreshing the page each time you disable one. That should help you discern which one is causing the problem. If an extension modifies the page that much, I’d be concerned about it.

Thank you so much. I figured that out once you mentioned it and with the Edge browser notification.

I’m back to coding now!

I just had to open a new Chrome as “guest”

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