I Screwed Up 100 Days Of Code What Should i do

Hi Guys ,
I Have A Question About The #100DaysOfCode Challange
I did for like 23-24 days
but i kind of missed so many days cause of health issues and somedays i just don’t feel like it
What Should i do

I’d say that if you feel like going back to do it, you should restart from where you stopped.
It’s hard to stay motivated and well, sh*t happens in life, regardless wether you want it or not.
Soooo, don’t beat yourself too hard.
The important is that you can complete it (but prioritize your well-being first).
You can do it! :grin::+1:t2:

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Thanks For The Support ,
I’ve been back to coding without posting about my progress
just to make sure i don’t mess up again
i think i might restart the day count and try to be more consistent this time
And Thanks Again man i appreciate your words :smile: