I search plugin/library for crud operations

Hi all,
Can you advice some javascript plugin/library compatible with jQuery v3.3.1 / Bootstrap v4.1.2 for crud operations of table with 1 column
inside of the form? Like 1 column notes rows in big editor.

Without saving data in db on crud operations.
They would be saved when all editor is saved in db.


What database are you targeting? The only way you’ll get a pure client-side CRUD API is if the database already has an API for it on its side. Something like Firebase will fill that bill, but if you want to manage, say MySQL or MongoDB, you’ll have to write code on the server side to implement your CRUD API. There’s a great many of them out there (just google “javascript CRUD generator”), all with their own strengths and weaknesses. I recommend following one of the Express CRUD tutorials first (that google search will yield a few) so you have some understanding of what whatever generator library you choose.