I see alot of jobs looking for wordpress experience

anyone know whether a frontend dev certificate from fcc would make a person qualified ? Or does anyone know anything about wordpress? Is it like SquareSpace?

Wordpress is the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world. They report that probably a good 60+% of websites run on it.

It runs on PHP, which doesn’t get much coverage here, but isn’t too difficult to pick up if you’re making good headway with JS. The front-end certificate will prove your dedication to programming, but not your skills with WP.

In terms of employability, there’s nothing wrong with having an extra (popular) skill. :slight_smile:


Indeed, a skill you need if you’d like to work with WordPress is PHP since that is what its built on, so PHP and MySql for starters is something to look into. Thats not taught here, but JavaScript is, and thats what is used along with PHP to build and manipulate plugins and functionality for the WP site. Ajax comes in really handy too.

Its not really like Squarespace in that Squarespace is a drag and drop website builder…you actually don’t need to know how to code at all to use it. Also, its not open source, so all the development aspect really is done only by Squarespace… Theres a lot going on under the hood with WordPress and with the right skills, you really can do dang near anything you want with it. i think something like 25% of all websites int he world use WordPress…which is a lot…so yeah the demand for developers is pretty big.

Anyway, if thats what youre interested in, do some research on Wordpress development, specifically PHP, MySql and here on FCC the JavaScript will definitely be a great skill to have since most people want their developer to create custom plugs in as well. Hope that helps!


The really cool thing about Wordpress is that it can be a lot of different things successfully. If you want to setup a quick blog that is cool - you can just find a theme you like (there are plenty to be found for free!), get writing in the built in editor, and publish your content.

However, my favourite thing about Wordpress is it’s power as a CMS - it provides the owner of the site with an excellent GUI to change the content and appearance of the site from the admin screen (kind of like a much more extensive version of something like the Django framework’s admin panel) and provides a very developer friendly API to access all this content with PHP. Actually, its so good that developers don’t really need to have much knowledge of the MySQL database the content lives in. Wordpress also offers a really good plugin ecosystem, a pretty new REST API, a really nice menu system, and other goodies. So basically it is popular because it’s super useful.

You don’t need a very deep knowledge of PHP to get started. The online documentation is really good and the built in Wordpress functions will do a lot of the work for you. I think the FCC font end certificate is a really good start - I find that I most of the coding that I do for custom themes is CSS, and maybe a bit more PHP than Javascript.


Thanks to all of you for your replies…I see so many agencies asking for it in my area, I think I will give it a try, I happen to be working on learning PHP and MySQL anyway, had to take a break from FCC JavaScript.
I see there is .org which is free and .com for a fee… I found this explanation for anyone interested… https://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/com-or-org/ In preparation for working at an agency would it make a difference as to which version I worked on, .com or .org? Which do they tend to use?

Hrmm… i know you said you looked up the difference between them but let me try to simplify it…

Wordpress .com is where you can set up a Wordpress site that is hosted on WordPresses host. You are limited to only whichever themes and plugins they make available to you. This is for people who have no ability / interest in customizing Wordpress, and be able to have it hosted for free. The tradeoff is you dont actually own your site…small business’ and paid bloggers have learnd that the hard way when WordPress has shut their website down for no reason.

Wordpress.org is where you download your own copy of WordPress to host it on your own server and have complete control. You then also have the freedom to use any plugins and themes you want as well as are able to create your own custom themes and plugins for it.

With that explanation I hope you understand now what the difference is, and why having a free site on WordPress.com is not a consideration for developers or professional use.

I understand the differences thank you

i have found that WP skills are what i have used to actually make a little bit of money on the side while i learn the javascript ecosystem universe. I am a relative newb, but when i put it out there to my contacts that i could develop websites, the requests i got were specifically for wordpress. strange, i thought but that is that way of the world i guess. i designed a site in wordpress for a physical therapy practice - this was my first ever job in web dev. they wanted to keep up with their competition who used…wordpress. :slight_smile:

as a side note. i ended up buying the avada theme. wow. you can do some amazing things with zero coding skills. i think someone else mention it, but the only code i really used was some additional css to get things exactly how i wanted them. i added a couple behind the scenes things that required only minor messing around with the db, php files and server files, but that was really minor stuff.

the way i see it in the big picture if employers are looking for wp developers that probably means learning the previously mentioned stuff - php,mysql, etc. for someone like me or a freelancer mainly interested in javascript, basic wp skills are just another arrow in the quiver of skills that can be called upon at any time.

as another side note. i have had weirdly negative responses from other developers that seem to resent wp for some reason, but that is another story entirely. i think wp is incredible. good luck to you in your chosen path.


True… I think most of the people who feel that way really have ignored how far WP has come. Because it started out being more popular for blogs, and because there are so many themes available for it making it easy for someone to have a sharp looking site up with no effort, I think that it doesnt get the respect it deserves as far as how much more you can do with it, and how incredibly flexible it is to build on it if you know PHP, SQL and JavaScript.

Also, because so many people stop at the point of customizing a prebuilt theme…or maybe not even that, just downloading and using a theme as is…even those who freelance, it makes sense that actual WP developers are in demand. Its not a path Im interested in being on, but see a lot of value in someone pursuing it… I mean, if its good enough for Mercedez, the BBC, and Disney, Id say its as good a development career choice as any.