I seek help to make mulitple websites to help the world for free

I seek help to make multiple websites to help the world for

I have many ideas, the basic principle is the same for all; a
database, user registration, login, a display page with checkboxes to specify data
from database

For ease of explanation I will use my lost animals idea.

The users of this site will either be people searching for
their lost animal, or users who have found an animal. Either user will have the
option to register

I will be using pdo with mysql

The database will contain 2 tables;

Animal: Type of animal, color, sex, where found/lost, date
found/lost, further details.

Users; username, email, telephone number, password

The site will need 3 pages; front page, register page, member

For the user who have lost their animal, they will have the
option to register where they can set up a notification system for when an
animal with the same variables has been found

For the user who has found an animal, to enter details they need
to register to store details of animal found, with the option to say animal
claimed and no longer lost, with the variable animal dead or claimed.

The frontpage will initially display a register and login
button, and a list of checkboxes for users to define their search options, once
checkboxes are ticked a list of all matching animals will be displayed with the
closest matches listed at the top

The first two checkboxes displayed will be Found or Lost with
a enter button

If found is selected, user will be asked to register and
directed to register page.

If lost, user will be offered the option to register by
displaying a register button which takes them to register page, below this
checkbox will be displayed with all of the lost variables to be selected and
under which an enter button which once submitted will display all possible
animals with the closest match at the top.

The register page will request username, password, email and
telephone number with an enter button, which after submitted system will send
confirmation email, after which user must confirm registration, and then login
to the member page.

On first entering the member page there will be two checkboxes for lost or found, when these
are selected the appropriate data will be displayed,

If lost option selected user will be asked to submit all
details in form of checkboxes, dropdown boxes and text boxes for further details,
with a final option to request automatic notification if possible matches
found, ending with an enter button to store data.

If found option selected user will be asked to submit all
details in form of checkboxes, dropdown boxes and text boxes for further details,
ending with an enter button to store data.

After either lost or found option details are submitted, the
member page will display stored information, where for the Lost pet member a
further option will be displayed for confirming animal has been found, and case
will be closed. For the Found pet member the further option will display the
option to confirm owner has confirmed and collected their animal, and case will
be closed.

All data will be kept on record so that this data can be
viewed on a map, so one can see how many animals go missing in an area, through
date, month and year checkbox, this I believe will be interesting for possible
further investigation for police say for instance a large amount of cat go
missing in one area within the space of a month, and ideally one can see if
there is a pattern, say for instance if the pets all go missing on a particular
day, as I believe some pets are stolen for their coats, their whole body for
their meat for food, or to be sold.

I know this is a lot of data, and do not expect this to be
written for me.

I can do logins, and registrations, and email confirmation,
the most important part I need help with currently is the option to make the
checkbox field output data from the database.

The basic variables for database, though the finished
product would have a full range of possible variations…

Animal; Cat, Dog, Rabbit

Sex; Male, Female

Colour; Black, White, Brown.

Area; postcode would be best for specificity.

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If you’re interested in getting help for your project, I suggest you do whatever you know how to do and put the project up on Github for collaboration. Once you have something to show, you’ll be more likely to get help.

Thank you for your wonderful response, and not telling me off for not posting my code, most certainly I understand this is what I need to do, I just didnt know where to start cos even my simplest project as is afore described has become quite alot of files, and to post them onhere would be too much for anyone to browse through. I was forcing myself to start this up, but will follow it up with as you say setting up all files I have already created on Github.
Thank you once again :smiley: