I share my tribute page

Hi, everyone :wave: :smiley:
Here I share with you my tribute page, I would love to receive your comments, thanks.

Hi @normaojeda, very nice clean page.
Two things to think about, possibly change;

  • There’s a typo, I think 1017 should be 2017 (unless she invented a time machine) :slightly_smiling_face:
  • For accessibility, I would change the your link from
    “You can read more about this wonderful woman on wikipedia
    to something like
    Read more about Evelyn Miralles on her Wikipedia page”
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Hey normaojeda,

It’s simple and solid - it looks clean and easy to follow with the eye.

One thing I would consider doing is to not use lists on both the years and the following details, I would use lists (likely

    only on the details, and use a header for the years (h3??) - this will make the page easier on the eye (humans love taking in SMALL chunks of info at a time), and will also help screen readers break up the info.

    If the above didn’t make sense - let me know!!

    K :slight_smile:

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