I suck at programming and i have no confidence

so where do i even start, i am terrible at programming. i am at the level where i know the syntax but when it comes to solving problems i don’t know where to start nor finish and i always lookup the answers and even though i try to understand it whenever i am faced with a new problem i hit a brick wall and for some reason i cant seem to break it. i have been going at it for 2 months and i am at the point of depression. one thing i refuse to do is give up but i always question myself if i will ever get better at programming and problem solving. whenever i go and look for the answer for a specific problem i always think to myself as to how they even came up with the solution and how they break it down in order to get the answer. i really want to learn how to program but i don’t think i will ever learn the concept of breaking down a problem in order to find the best solution for it.

can someone please guide me to how i can increase my confidence and how i can get better at problem solving because i am genuinely stuck and i feel like a complete and utter idiot when i go and look for the answers on the internet. i hate doing that

sorry for the long post by the way, i felt like i needed to explain myself in such good detail

thank you for reading this by the way:grin:

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Here is my side of the story. I lack confidence the same way, I seems to be falling behind in every subject. It affects how I think of future development of my skills and career. Been doing this for a long time since 2006 onward, but I don’t seem to be able to progress. I don’t hold a job in the field because I really don’t think I am good enough even though I can do everything in it. I can understand the documentation and able to solve the problems creatively.

The problem sucking isn’t the problem. The problem is time invested to learn. You simple didn’t give yourself enough time for your brain to develop that sense of problem solving skills.

It took me 3 months to learn structural programming and then another few months on Object oriented programming.

Then I spent years doing little side projects and utilizes those skills in various VBA, JavaScript to help me automate my daily tasks.

And you won’t know everything. All the projects I do now, I have no clue what type of code I need. But I do know where to get them, learn about them and how to use them.

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You definitely should be job hunting tbh, no one feels qualified enough for their first job, that happens to everyone

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Hmmmmm so whats your advice for me atm, because sometimes i feel like giving up even though i dont want to. I get really stressed out whenever i cant solve problems by myself

The first language I learned is C. And I had no clue what majority of the code I learned meant at the time because I rushed.

The second time I learned C, I told myself to take my time and read about it carefully and thoroughly. I would make sure that I understand all the fundamentals before moving on. This meant not only by concept must I know it, I must also know it by doing.

My advice is to take your time with each topic. Make sure you understands it and able to produce some sort of projects around what you just learned. It doesn’t have to be large and grand like a full website. It could simply be adding two variables together.

I often give myself pointless projects to see if it is possible. Like build a website using tables tags instead of divs… (By the way, using table tag used to be the standard)

If loop is giving you hard time, do more projects with loops like creating a times table.

Start small and you’ll eventually be able to visual bigger problems.

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