I think FCC need to update their JS curriculum

Should support ES7, ES8, ES9. Especially need to add the async/await lesson.
Nobody use promise these days anymore. async/await is clearly superior

As for as I am aware, there are still reasons to understand and use promises.

FreeCodeCamp is constantly in the process of updating and overhauling the curriculum. If you want to participate in this process, you can look at the GitHub or the contributing guide.

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Just to be that guy, async/await use promises. They are just syntactic sugar to make using promises a little easier for us humans.

Moral of the story, you can’t escape promises and need to understand how they work.


Yeah true, but if someone who is new, is learning about Promises I’d suggest looking at some external sources also. The fcc tutorials just scrape the bare basics. I had to go and refer other resources to get a more deeper understanding and learned that stuff like “promise-chaining” and “promisification” existed.

Plus , most websites these days provide lessons on Promises followed by async/await. So I dont see any harm in including them .

But yeah, im pretty sure its going to be included sometime soon . :slight_smile:

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The contributors that builds freeCodeCamp (who are mostly volunteers doing this in their free time) have been working hard for a couple of years to build a whole new version of the freeCodeCamp curriculum. This will include new material, but also a more interactive learning style.

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