I think I am beginning to understand responsive web design

This is the new and, improved, cookie survey. I figured I’d practice making websites more responsive and mobile-friendly by starting off with one of my most simple and fun ones to make.

I still get a bit confused on the difference between min-width/height and max-width/height, and I have yet to figure out how to get the title to do the same, but the site looks and works much better than before.

I’d like to thank the freeCodeCamp community and Traversy Media and his video on making a responsive HTML5 website for helping. Although I may not remember everything he did in that hour-long video, I did pick up on some useful things and took note.

The way that form just shrinks in width as the screen gets smaller, D; that’s exactly what I was looking for in making my technical document site and adding that sidebar. Now if only I can look at the code and make sure I know what it was that I did.

If I understand correctly, I set the width of the form to be 1000px, but in the media query, I set it so that after the screen shrunk past the maximum allowed width of 1000px, the width would automatically adjust to the window’s width. Another thing that bugs me is that the dropdown button isn’t perfectly aligned with the center of the form AND the description box, but I’ll figure that out.