I think i made a bad page

project link - [https://codepen.io/Abdel88/pen/grEqAb] (https://codepen.io/Abdel88/pen/grEqAb)

this is my first project ever and i failed but I’m sure ill keep trying to be better, I would be happy to get any feed back from you guys. Thanks

I think you did a piece of a pretty good website.

I am a user of this forum for quite time and believe me, i’ve seen many of them. It’s not a great achievement building a firewerk site, when it brings poor user experience. You didn’t have to do anything special here.

First what comes to my mind when i see yours is: it’s aesthetically pleasing.I think you did what you were required to do, and you did more than a good job :slight_smile:


Tweak the margins and padding so they are not too wide on narrow screens (hint: use bootstrap grid) and it will be a much better page.

Bonus tip: On CodePen, put the style into the css section.

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Don’t be so hard on yourself! The main thing you need to work on is making the page more responsive for different sized screens, but overall it’s a simple, clean page which is a great starting point!

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Yes, the page is completely ok, just make it adjust to smaller screens.

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