I think it's a bit hard to come up with your own code

Hi, im having trouble coming up with my own code, im quite new to programming in html,
but i dabbled with it a bit before. But on the project pages it says give it your own style, but then
it says i have to agree that all my code is 100% your own to get the certification. Which makes me
nervous, i doned the most part my own but i thought you could take some of the code because it’s
good code and i want to use it. But at the same time i want to learn so it’s not like i taken everything
but small pieces. But now i guess i have to look at it again and see if i can do it on my own.
Anyway just dabbling… please give me a answer if you like, would like to hear from you…
I know see i should have posted this in another part of the forum, in the you can do this!