I think I've finished my Tribute Page. How does it look?

Woohoo my first project here on freeCodeCamp! For the text, I just took an essay that I had written in university and put some headings and pictures into it. It’s all in one column. Does that look weird, or should I try to do more than one column? Maybe I can work on things like that in future projects but I just don’t want to half-ass it.

I want to full-ass it! :poop:

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Your last two images aren’t appearing

Overall it is a nice clean presentation. Easy to read and simple to navigate. Good work, but the last couple of images are not showing up.

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I like it. It respects the criteria for a tribute page. Good work

Great, thanks for letting me know! It’s strange because I could see them on my screen. It must be the source, though, because they both came from the same place. I will find something different to put there instead.

Thanks for the feedback!