I think my code is correct but not passing the third challenge

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Am unable to pass the third challenge ** Typing in the input element should update the state and the value of the input, and the p element should render this state as you type.**

the p tag is rendering when i type in the form myself
help what am i doing wrong.

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class ControlledInput extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
  this.state = {
    input: ''
  // Change code below this line
this.handleChange = this.handleChange.bind(this);
  // Change code above this line
// Change code below this line
    input: event.target.value
// Change code above this line
render() {
  return (
      { /* Change code below this line */}
      <input value={this.input} onChange={this.handleChange} />
      { /* Change code above this line */}
      <h4>Controlled Input:</h4>
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Challenge: Create a Controlled Input

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You are super close, just one tiny little omission. Remember, you want the value attribute on <input> to be set to the input property of the state.

Thanks just passed it now.

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