I think my foundation is unstable

Hello! I really want to build my profile and my career! I’m currently a 2nd year college and I am working in an IT company. I have been exposed to Laravel and Bootstrap in the company I am working for and have been using these two for my back end and front end development respectively. I am really having fun using these frameworks because I already developed 3 working projects (web). But I feel that learning these first had an impact on my foundation…that’s why I came here at freeCodeCamp so I can learn back to the basics and earn certifications while doing so.

(I’ll just note that I learned using Laravel and Bootstrap by myself 85%)

What other things should I learn first so I am prepared for when I graduate? Aside from the topics here in freeCodeCamp.

You didn’t say what your degree will be in or what your post graduate goals are.

Oh yeaahh, I’m a BSIT student, and my post graduate goals are to be a full-stack engineer and mobile app developer. But I primarily want to focus on front end development because it’s my goal to create websites/apps that users would love and appreciate since I was a designer before I was a coder, so I really want to build creative websites and apps :relaxed:

If you want to be a front end developer then I would google “roadmap front end developer” and you will get several suggestions on what you should know.

wooahh, never knew there were roadmaps for developers :exploding_head: Thank you so much! I just search and randomly clicked and I am amazed by how detailed everything were :smile:

FCC also teaches front-end development. The program ends up with a solid basis in a MERN stack. That is a full stack, but it is a good idea for front end developers to know the basics of the back end.

There are many possible learning paths. Just pick one and complete it. Then figure out what you missed and fill in those holes. Just pick a path, don’t worry about finding a “perfect” path.

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