I thought Full stack meant Front + Back end?

I am confused how data visualization fits into the picture. As it is a full 1/3 of the program it must obviously be quite important, but the name conjures up memories of me turning excel columns into bar charts.

In what ways does data visualization play a “critical” role in full stack development?

If I prioritized the back end certification after completing front end, would it be wrong or misleading to say I was a full stack developer at that point?


Technically speaking, data visualisation isn’t part of full stack development on it’s own.

Full Stack Developer (FSD) is someone who’s able work on all three tiers of a three tier architecture. Additionally, FSD is also capable of establishing correct build processes, writing unit tests and making sure deployment is taking place correctly.

If data visualisation is something that is required in “Presentation Tier”, the FSD is supposed to take care of that as well.