I tried all my computers, it works, but my friend's won't work. Can you try?

Sorry for the gatecrash, I need someone to try and register on my website. Apparently my friend isn’t receiving the email verification link, and the link doesn’t work for him. But I’ve tried on all my pc’s at home and it’s working perfectly. The only issue could be that his cache still has the old version of the website, but there are no errors and I can’t debug his computer from afar… Would you do me a favor and try registering?

P.S. You can fill in fake data :slight_smile:

(Edit: whoever registered, thank you! It worked)

Worked for me

Something is up with the image in the email however

Wow that’s strange!

Mind if I ask, which mail client do you use?

Gmail and thunderbird (webmail) received the image fine…

Thanks so much for stopping by :slight_smile: