I wanna learn some best of linux skills. is there any websites like this for linux too?

I am really interest in getting my hands on linux machine, though i have some sort of basic knowledge, how should i proceed further.

hi! there was Linux crash course from the learn … the hard way but the free online version was shut unfortunately. now the only available version is here. It’s not so interactive, but still very good course: basic rough, and teaches you a whole lot about bash, and how to work with it :slight_smile:

I worked with it, and I’m using Linux for all my work for almost a year now.

Here is official Learn Unix The Hard Way



Linux is not that hard really - especially if you use one of the more mainstream distros.

The thing that tends to freak people out is the command line, but really the number of commands you use regularly are pretty limited, and these days a non-technical user could probably use something like Ubuntu the same way as they would a Windows machine (without the obnoxious updates locking up your system involuntarily).

Some software / driver intstallations can be a little complicated, but you mostly just copy and paste terminal commands from online instructions to do that anyway.

Really the best way to learn it is to get VirtualBox, install a distro you like the sound of (Ubuntu if you are not sure) and start using it. I’d recommend something like Ubuntu rather than anything too complicated or touchy, as you primarily want to it to get out of your way and let you code as soon as possible!

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The Linux Foundation has a course you can take for free on EdX here.