I wanna start my journey at 34

Hey guys I’m in logistics with a small business, looking for a new start in IT. I was reading up on AWS and other cloud practitioner positions . I had a bunch of questions from where to start and what is a waste of time and what do I need in this path. I literally just started watch courses from fcc to the forums. I had some special questions about my circumstance as well, which is about clearances in fields I’m assuming government jobs are more strict, just what is a no go in this industry as well . I have no clue about it but kinda know where I wanna go I think. I have no experience at all, I’m willing to put in the work and start immediately. Anything and everything helps. Thanks in advance!

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Here’s a guide that can give you some orientation if you are interested in cloud IT and AWS training:

In there you can even find a graphic showing the different paths you can take.
AWS also is a good choice because their certifications are among the few that get taken serious.

Have a good read and I hope you can find a career path that fits.

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