I want a progress bar in the header

I find that in each section Ex: ES6 I keep another tab open with the course tree so I can see how far along I am with the section.


There are a few reasons that this is difficult. Just off the top of my head…

  • Challenges are different amounts of work, so having each challenge increase your “progress” by a set amount is misleading.
  • Students aren’t required to do all the challenges.
  • Many students find that doing sections in a different order is better for them.
  • The curriculum is often expanded, edited, and reorganized on an ongoing basis. There are thousands of challenges, so most students will see several changes to the curriculum before they complete it. Writing special logic to handle all the combinations of what should happen to a student’s “progress” when this happens would not only be a lot of work for a little widget, but everyone would have different opinions on how it should work and would submit bugs to change it.
  • Based on the number of opinions I’ve seen from students on how “progress” should be measured, it would be a constant source of conflict and complaint.
  • This is my own opinion, but I think that “gamifying” fCC is not the right choice for our platform. I already often see students get themselves in a bad situation because they are so focused on completing some benchmark as fast as they can that they aren’t really learning as much as they need to.

Note - I’m not a member of the development team. For all I know, they’ve found solutions to all these problems and are working on the progress bar of your dreams. I just wanted to point out some of the reasons why you’re unlikely to see “Oh. Yeah. Good idea. We’ll get right on that.”

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