I want benefit with responsive web design certification for nonprofits

i know that i must complete 1200 hours on freecodecamp to start working for nonprofits
is there other website i can help with my skills and am i allowed to help them as freecodecamp member

You’re allowed to do whatever you want. Given your stated desire to help nonprofits, I don’t think you need to worry about what you would do. You can start working (for nonprofits or companies) as soon as you want. The biggest limiting factor may be your ability to code. The time requirement isn’t necessarily fixed, either. If you move faster through the curriculum, that’s fine. I move slowly through parts where I “play around” with the APIs or concepts to which we’re being introduced.

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thanks @ vipatron
here is my personel portfolio page https://codepen.io/ghellabsalah/full/xgqQJV you will find other projects i completed
you advice me to start helping or not according to the work i did or i should improve my skills

I don’t know that I’m in any position to give you career advice. But, even without diving into your code, I’d say that some french- or arabic-speaking nonprofits working in Algeria would be happy for the help. You could volunteer your time at first and use those assigned projects to learn and increase your skills to the payable level.