I want feedback on my tribute page project

hi everyone, i just finished my tribute page project and i wanted to know how i did

Your page looks good @mideishie. Something to revisit;

  • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • There is an HTML syntax/coding error you should be aware of and address.
      Since copy/paste from codepen you can ignore the first warning and first two errors.
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I love it! Great job on this tribute page.

I was combing through it trying to find something to nitpick at, and I noticed the bullet point:

  • Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA) for The Most Promising Engineer in the United States government

didn’t have a year at the end like all the others do. However, the code and the overall presentation all looked great to me. Good job making it dynamic as well when it comes to resizing.

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Thank you so much @ThatTyGuy , i couldn’t find the year initially but i have found it and added it to the page.

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thank you @Roma i have corrected it.

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