I want help for python

Hey everyone…I want to start learning Python but I think is difficult to learn it by myself…I want to do exercises like on Free Code Camp…I searched for exercises but I can’t find anything…Can someone help me??




Video+ Excersize but, trial stop after a month

Practical excersizes

Programming hero

Extra sources

There are two different Python certifications over at www.freecodecamp.org/learn

i need a help with my code in python
actually i was preparing a project on hotel management system
so i am not able to take values of radio button and check box
so can you tell meh how to do that?

You can make a new forum post and ask since this is a difrent question

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Can you tell me their names??

Thank you so much for replying…I will start learning from there…Do you know any web-site that i can do exrcises with python?

the certifications with Python are pretty recognisible, there is “Python” in the name:

  • Scientific Computing with Python Certification
  • Data Analysis with Python Certification
  • Machine Learning with Python Certification

note though that these certifications build concepts on the previous certs, the freecodecamp curriculum is thought to be a linear experience


Are they on Free Code Camp because I have never see them before?

they have been released last week

it was announced on the various social media platforms, and there is a dedicated article


Where can I find them because I am searching for them but I can’t find them…

over at www.freecodecamp.org/learn

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I just ound them…thank you for the help

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i got the solution for that
thank youu guys

Very interesting link. Thank you for sharing!

Following are some useful website beside FCC for python

  1. python-course.eu (Theory based)
  2. codewars.com (practical practice)
  3. dataquest.io (datascience)

P.s : If someone knows any other great websites please mention.

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Hi Klaudia
I was like you some months ago.
The most important thing I think you must know and understand is to remove fear you. Having in mind it is difficult wont help . You can check out Scientific Computing with Python Certification(300 hours) on www.freecodecamp.org and solve more assignments at www.py4e.com

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a simple google search will take you to more sites…

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