I want someone with whom i can learn to code

I am a class 8 student from India who is interested in software Development like apps and games and I need some people with whom i can learn to code with.


Welcome to the FCC Forum!.

I am interested in Web dev and game dev.

Can we learn to code Togetherly


@codely can i join you guys

Yes Anyone can join us

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how then do we communicate?

We can join on github

nice plan @HARSHPRASAD22!

Give me your email ids I will make you join

I have send you a PM (personal message) @HARSHPRASAD22.

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Download discord and this in our channel link:- https://discord.gg/w4vbhWKGY9

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We can easily join on discord

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@HARSHPRASAD22 @codely @annakene17

Hey folks,

great work doing this together.
From now on please use your Discord channel to communicate.

Have fun!

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Sure @miku86!
Sorry for disturbing the forum.

Happy Coding!

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Hi guys… i am interested to join the team.