I want to add this code on my website. How can I will?


My code is

for (let j = 0; j < value2.length; j++) {
						var res_number = value2[j];
						input1[j] = document.createElement("button");
						input1[j].value = mob_no;
						input1[j].innerHTML = mob_no;
                               if(cond1){ css}
                               else if(cond2){css2}
                         var p = "https://truecaller.com/" + mob_no;
						input1[j].addEventListener('click', function(p) {
                                return function () {
						}(p), false);
						document.getElementById("User_data" + key2).appendChild(input1[j]);

How should i add this in my website - I have this truecaller application. Hope you can suggest me anyway. Advance Thanks.

what does your true caller application is written on?

  • basically keep that in your app “main script” and im not sure how that piece of code is gng to work until you tell us more about it

happy coding :slight_smile:

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