I want to align some things in my 2nd Proyect

I’ve been around 2 hours trying to fix the problem that I have and I couldn’t. I want to align a group of checkboxes and a group of radio buttons in my Survey page, meanwhile I was trying to use the “align-vertical” but I think that isn’t working for me.Also, I have problems with the Text Area at the bottom of the form, so I’ll accept any help and recommendation to improve the page. However, it’s my first post in this forum so I apologize if I break some rule :stuck_out_tongue:

PD: I’m still building the page, I know it’s missing stuff but I want to get out of this first :).



Right click on a checkbox and click inspect. Scroll through the styles and you’ll see that lists have 40px of left padding in chrome. So you’ll want to remove that.

When everything is center aligned the left and right edges are uneven because the content on each line is a different length. Here it’s usually preferable to align the checkbox on one side on the centerline.

Using the inspector again inspect the ext area and button. They are display: inline-block;. If they are display:block; they will vertically align.

I’ll consider all your advices, thank you!