I want to become more technical as a PM


I’m currently a IT consultant that’s somewhat technical. I can write basic to intermediate queries in SQL, understand basic HTML. My work has primarily involved learning new applications (similar to ERPs or CRMs) and implement them for clients. Meaning I don’t really need to be super technical, I just need to learn the application then I can do my job. I’ve been able to get by but lately when I’m doing interviews for technical project manager or product manager roles, I’ve noticed that people always ask me if I’m comfortable working with developers and if I know how to communicate with them. I was a project manager before and I’ve worked with developers, mostly on website projects. Can’t say I 100% understand what they do but I was able to communicate with them just fine.

However, I’ve realized that I want to be more technical or at least understand more so I can have more leverage when I’m interviewing and also do my job better.

My goal is to become either a project or product manager and work with applications/or maybe website projects but prefer apps or SaaS products.

I have 2 questions:

  1. I’m thinking of signing up for a web development boot camp, so that I can learn how to code, will this help me with my goal?

  2. Since I’m more interested in working with apps or SaaS products, I’m not sure if a web dev program is best for me. I also want to learn more about servers, AWS, APIs things like that, any book or course recommendations?

Thank you in advance!