I want to create true caller kind of app for android

I am mechanical engg and have no coding exp. At now, I have started learning python on my own. Can you suggest me learning approach for my app development.


App development for Android systems normally done in Java or Kotlin, not really Python.

so like iiiked said,
python is not used /preffered for android app development.

java is used for android app development
but nowadays the trend is changing and more preference is given to kotlin and flutter etc.

but the problem is ,
community support and relevant tutorials is less compared to java.

and to make an app like true caller which is dealing with data on a massive scale
is a little bit challenging

so learn the basics of app development
and make some apps which are easy to make

then start doing somewhat complex apps

All the best!

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If you want to make an app you need to learn kotlin and java because most of the mobile app developers are working on the native apps.

I use Drupe, but all caller id apps will data mine your contacts for their service. That’s how they are able to provide the service. That’s also why is important to properly name your contracts. A contact named ‘mom’ does nothing as caller id info for anyone.
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