I want to find files in YII2 framework PHP

Hello everyone!
am new to web development, and i am trying really hard to learn it, i want to be a full stack developer, i know it’s hard while studying electrical engenering in a university but i am trying my best.
so here is the deal!
i had an idea about a website and i paied a company to do it for me, they promised that it will not take more than 3 months to do it, well it has been over a year, they made it really good but not great as much as i wanted, so i decided to complete the project my ownself.
i have the accses to the server and i got all the files.
they made the website using php so i started learning HTML and CSS3 and PHP and i’m quite good at them, but the problem is i can’t really figure out the files that are uploaded in the server as they used framework called yii2.
my question is
where to find the html files for the home page etc?
to make changes
the site is made in arabic and english language
help me please

Have you read the “definitive guide to Yii 2.0” yet? Specifically, to answer your question, https://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/2.0/en/structure-views (the pages you’re looking for would likely be views, and may be pulled out of a database as needed.

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thank you so much yes i have found them but i have to figure out what use yii\helpers\Url; this means and i guess it will guide me to css files, well if you are intrested i will keep you up with informations whether i could make it or not
am sorry for my bad english