I want to get development practice, so I need your help

Hello, I am trying to get a remote job but I don’t feel like I have what it takes, I’ve been programming for 2 years but I feel that I’m still lacking, so if you have any projects or something that you want to do, or just test me with something, please tell me what stuff I should be making to start getting practice in real world apps, I feel that many of the online courses I’ve made don’t teach anything that relates to the real world, for example, I finished working on an app for a Coursera course that displayed a bunch of earthquake data in real time, with data downloaded directly from an online feed from the USGS, but at my current job all I do is make programs that parse stupid text data and the job is underpaid, so, how does making an app like the earthquake one help me with anything I do on a text parsing app? When most of the remote jobs I see need you to make more interesting stuff and using Hibernate and other stuff that do not have anything to do with my job, and that I do not know how to use either.

So…enough of the sad talk, throw at me anything that you want to do, I don’t care if you’re working on a paid project and want me to do something that you should be doing and I don’t get any of the credit…I’ll work for free as long as I get to practice.

The language I have the most practice is Java, I’m not really interested in C, but I could work in C++, and I’m still learning HTML/CSS and JavaScript, but I don’t care if you want me to do something I’ve never done before, that’s why I’m here, I want to learn…so come at me bro!

Why dont you start with the FCC challenges/projects?

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I know…I’m on it, but my main focus is to get a remote job as a Java developer, and for that I need to practice more, I don’t feel that my current job is taking me anywhere near my goal, as of right now I’m advancing here at FCC too. The thing is, with a wife and two kids things are becoming complicated economically, and we are struggling from month to month, so I need something else ASAP and I’m desperate…my income is less than 800 dollars a month and I need something that pays better, my wife is not working currently and with my old job we were doing just fine, but after two years things are getting difficult and I don’t see much future for myself in my country, so that’s why I’m trying to get a remote job or some kind of freelancer project and I don’t feel that I’ll be getting the required practice if I keep doing what I do.

Anyways, thanks for the suggestion, is really appreciated :wink: