I want to guide my brother to learn programming on freeCodeCamp and I have a question

Hello everyone,

I want to guide my brother to learn to program. On the webpage, freeCodeCamp says the following, and the link directs to the responsive web design certification.

“If you are new to coding, we recommend you start at the beginning.”

Do you think that this makes sense as well? I was planning to start him from scientific computing with Python certification.

What would you suggest? He is 17 years old and does not have a very specific interest like Android app development or webpage design… However, he was excited when he saw me doing a freelance data analysis job on R. I want him to get a taste of coding and explore what he loves. I need it for my new project about payday loans in Michigan (MI)

Thank you.

It is safer for him to start from the beginning at least to have ideas and then move on to what he loves exactly.

freeCodeCamp suggests to start with JavaScript, you are welcome to move in the curriculum however you want

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