I want to improve my coding skill suggest me what should I do?

I learned python a year ago but I am still not good because of lack in practice so any one can suggest what kind of question should I do so that I can master the concept of oops , function and class ??

Do projects. Small ones at first and gradually ramp up the difficulty. FreeCodeCamp has many of these.

Any coding you do is progress. Personally, I like to practice problems in competitive sites like codechef, leetcode, etc.

Reading books is also another good way. Head First Python is a good book which I have read and can recommend. Once you feel comfy with the language, read the book called Fluent Python.


Are you trying to practise multiple concepts at once? Try to breakdown the concepts you’re learning. Best practise to learn anything new is to understand the simplest thing it does. If you’re learning with/on different platforms, OS, projects, algorithms etc. it would be overwhelming. Pick a site/book and stick with it till you reach a level you’re comfortable with.

As you’ve mentioned OOP, function and class I’m assuming you’re comfortable with basic constructs in Python. Focus on what Object Oriented Paradigm is. Python lets you bring Object Oriented Design into your code. It doesn’t define OOP in itself.

Functions are just actions you want to perform repeatedly bundled together. Again, approach learning with just one resource at hand at first.

My approach would be:

  1. Pick any site or book (there are many free resources available on googling) and stick to one till you complete at least 70% of it
  2. Stick to one OS/editor/interpreter till you get a hang of syntax and commonly used commands
  3. Code something on each topic you learn. If you learn conditionals for example, try building a project that explores all possible variations of it. For functions, understand different elements like arguments, return type, number of arguments, local and global values behaviour, pass by value Vs. pass by reference etc.
  4. Proceed towards sites like leetcode, hackerrank and pick easy problems at first. This gives you an idea of programming + algorithms & data structures. Think of your solution, code, understand errors if any, learn and code again.
  5. Try something of your own. Start by picking a simple problem. See if you can arrive at a solution through code. Google for common and simple projects. Code your own solution for them.

More than anything make sure you’re coding something daily, small or big, simple or advanced, to keep it going. Even if you’ve to repeat what you did yesterday, do it with clear understanding.


Hi, I recommend that you start simplest and basic things to improve programming, after having researched a lot. Once you have done this, do projects and star practicing as much as you can. It starts to add some difficulty, either by implementing new functions or statements that you haven´t used.

I also recommend that you look for some Youtube channel that explains Python, it is very helpful.

Encourage and make effort! Greetings. :hugs:

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