I Want to know how to Use Multiprocessing

how to run two python script at the same time?
any suggestion?

The idea is to run two Python scripts at the same time. They are both are log scripts. One is for mouse click and file monitor. They both export a csv file. The goal is to strip both files last line in the csv file. Then compare them to see if there are any changes. For example, if there is no mouse click but modification or create or delete on any files then there should be an alert notification.

Run in Parallel Process
first > log > mouse click & file monitor
second > export > csv file from both
third > strip > csv file from both
fifth > notification > Alert or No Alert

You are asking very vague questions that are hard to answer. I’m not sure what you want or what you have tried.

I would research how to ask good questions:

thanks for the help on how to approach it.

I’m not entirely certain what you’re looking to achieve here (particularly the part about stripping lines) but in any case, assuming you have two separate scripts and a decent shell (e.g., bash), your basic process is achievable with background processes and clever use of wait, diff, and pipes. Or maybe xargs. Either way, 20 or 30 minutes of fiddling around with the shell ought to give you what you want.


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