I want to know what do you think about my Landing Page

This is my Landing Page, I would love to know, what do you think and that I need to improve about it ?. Thanks.

Hi, here some ideas:

  • that rotate-effect on the “Donut”-box is showing no image; in general I find that rotating-effect irritating; why not showing the images directly?
  • there is a strange effect above the galery-images: on hovering they are getting bigger in size, that is irritating
  • there is a <div class="map"> with strange content which looks like an error
  • in contact-box there could be some space in left/right of that text-input field (“Email us”)
  • in footer there is no good contrast between text and background
  • in footer there could also be some space above first und below last text
  • in smartphone-view the “About-us”-box is getting very small; you could put that left image above the box or make the image invisible (smartphone only)