I want to make a community diagram of everything you should master in JS to land a job in 2017

I am a FCC’er from Southern California and I would like to ask to enlist the help of fellow do-gooders from your network/contact list to help me on a visual guide for JS job readiness.

Below is the link of the Visual I am working on which is available to the public:


This is not my app but a tool I am using to help me learn JS as well.

Flowcharts are great notes!

I am trying to get all the peices together, however I am new to js and I am not entirely sure what is needed to complete this chart. (I’m only at [305]). I am sure that this will be helpful for others that will one day be in the beginner stage wrap their head around what is needed to be successful.

If you want to help please reach out at this email: lesalgado@csu.fullerton.edu so that I can grant you write access to this community driven initiative!

Feel free to pitch in a node or two. Even a small contribution can help the community reach the end goal of guide new js learners.

Thanks for any help you can give.

You should learn more than just JS: