I want to make Vietnamese subtitles

I want to make Vietnamese subtitles for that famous 4-hour Python course by Mike Dane on freecodecamp YouTube channel. In my country, we REALLY lack good learning resources. So if this video has Vietnamese subtitles it would help my country a lot. Currently YouTube doesn’t allow people to make subtitles. That’s why I’m asking this. I’m very serious about this, I’ll make sure I translate everything properly. I hope some people from freecodecamp can see this post and answer.

Our translation efforts are not focused on video subtitles at this time.

You can read about our priorities and translation efforts here

Hi, thanks a lot for replying. I joined the Discord server, but it doesn’t have a Vietnamese channel. Seems like nobody did this before. Is there anything I can do now? Maybe become a Language Lead? Again, I’m serious in doing this. Hope to hear from you.

The channels are added once a language translation team start having a few members for better coordination. Wait to hear back from the form, you will get more infos like that!

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