I want to practice more

Hi guys,

I’m studying now JS and I would like to find a source, where I can practice more. Basically, I’m looking for a website, where there are some very beginner exercises, like what are introduced with the lessons on FCC.

I would like to practice more booleans, arrays, loops and so on. :slight_smile:

You might try some algorithm test websites like Codewars. Otherwise, you’ll also have a lot of practice, of course, when you start the projects.

For example, you could try to solve this: https://www.codewars.com/kata/5ad0d8356165e63c140014d4

Thank you @Anon551122. :smiley:

Try to build your own projects. This way you will learn a lot without even realizing it. And whenever you need to use some array methods or other stuff you can’t remember, you can check it in the docs.

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Thanks @ace1122sp :smiley: Unfortunately, programming takes time and I just started 2 weeks ago. :smile:

Don’t worry about that. Just take your time, be patient and try to enjoy in the process. It will pay off in the end. :v:

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