I want to remove backgrounds, sounds and stuff for certifications from a server


I have a question about the projects that I have completed and passed tests for.
I did all these things years ago, a random quote machine, a simon game… I stuck a lot of images and sounds and god knows what on a web server to pass these tests but I’m not looking at that stuff any more so I would like to take it off the server. I don’t even know any more if that was required or I just did it for testing purposes. I think it was required then. A lot of the code is broken by now. Will that affect my certifications? I mean, the ‘proof’ will be gone but I’ll tuck the code away somewhere, just in case.

Thanks and greets,

I wouldn’t worry about it. If this is material that you completed years ago, then you’ve moved beyond those skills and don’t need your early projects anymore.

Great, yes I have moved beyond those projects I was just worried that my certificates would stop being valid because I had removed backgrounds and sounds. They are quite different now but I was still worried, those certificates are dear to me.
I’m not a professional yet but if I look at that code and see how I do things now… well, I have learned a few things.

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