I want to replace my previous image with a new image everytime I click on my button, but it keeps adding new images instead

Everytime I click on I a button I want the existing image on my webpage to be replace with a new image similar what happens when you click a button on this page:

But instead, it just adds new images each time , rather than replace the existing one:


Hey Noblegas87!
Maybe the first thing the button does is replace the img with an empty string.
I’m not sure about the .appendChild(). Is there a method that’s the equivalent of .pop() for working with elements in the DOM?

The appendChild() is supposed to place the image tag that I created with javascript using the document.createElement method into the img-meal div container that is in my html code

Maybe try replaceChild()

(edit) ack - this requires two args (the old and the new). might not work

Kinda hacky but -


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image.innerHTML will equal an empty string or a semicolon??

would appendChild now work?

Yeah, that’s kinda confusing. The image.innerHTML is set to an empty string at the beginning of the function. The rest of the code as is - with the appendChild method - should work now.

That technique you suggested worked . Thanks