I want to show only part of an image as a circle and then show the whole image on hover. How do I go about this?

Basically I want to create something similar to the “Leadership” section of this site https://360i.com/about/

Could someone point me to the right direction?

EDIT: I know HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and some JavaScript.

While we are primarily here to help people with their Free Code Camp progress, we are open to people on other paths, too.

With your current questions, we don’t have enough context to know what you already know or don’t know, so it is impossible to guide you without just telling you the answer (which we won’t do).

It is pretty typical on here for people to share a codepen / jsfiddle example of what they have tried so that anyone helping has more of an idea of what help is actually helpful.

Please provide some example of what you’ve tried and I’m sure you’ll get more help.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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Hey, sorry for not replying sooner. I actually found out how it’s done, but apparently it doesn’t work in mobile devices, so I didn’t implement it. Thanks for the suggestions though, I will keep them in mind next time I need to ask a question.