I want to turn my html/css/js app into an web downloadable app like this forum for my business clients

I created this HTML page with some js and CSS to help our clients fill a grid with all packaging products and quantities they need and then send a copy of the grid through Whatsapp and it was modest and successful(most of the work us done…).
instead of paying for a complete app and deploying it online, I was inspired by this forum app and how it uses just any local browser to give a dynamic interface.
can the FCC guys tell me how to turn my HTML little app into that? an offline version that I can send to my clients to use and send Mr a copy of items i9nstea\d of long phone calls + since the products’ names are in French and most of the clients can understand what they reed but can’t express it easy for us at our little company, so I thought about making this quick fix.
I’m a little lost in google.
thank you.


If it’s just HTML, JavaScript and CSS, then why not publish it on something like Vercel or GitHub Pages? It’s far easier than teach your clients how to make it work locally.

Another option would be to create a desktop app using Electron (what Atom and VSCode are based upon), but that’s another story (requires more learning on your part).

I think any option to make it run locally is just too much for your clients.

I though Github is just to share your code, i want them to be able to open it on there phones make the order and send me a copy, then i prepare the order and deliver it.

Yes, GitHub is for maintaining your code, but GitHub pages is a platform to publish static websites (websites that doesn’t require a backend or server side application).

So github would publish my static page for free?

i only recently started to put my projects online, and be able to access them on different devices. So far i used Github for one and Netlify for another. They both are free and work great(and simple), im just unsure how much you can use them for commercial purpose(e.g. publish a company site).
With Githubt, it took me a bit more to put my app online, but with netlify it was astonishingly simply. As i was building the project with React App(on VS code), i just pasted the build folder in the Netlify form and then when i accessed the address, it was up…What a miracle of technologies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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On GitHub pages you are no longer allowed to host SaaS (software as a service), which includes this app.

However, you can publish it on netlify.

You could even setup a process where every push to a branch on your GitHub project can be automatically published on Netlify.

is it free for my simple one page website?

deployed my project on netlify, link opens a not found page.
used GitHub, the link opens the readme file and displays what’s in it, not the HTML file.
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it worked on netlify, thank you bros.

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