I want to update current get-hint section

there is code in the get hint page and i guess i have better solution for it.
How can i update it.
problem is
my solution is

function translatePigLatin(str) {
  let loop= str.split(/(?=[aeiou])/);
    return /^[aeiou]/.test(str)==true?str.concat("way"):str.slice(loop[0].length).concat(loop[0]+"ay");

You can follow the link here about “research and write guide articles”

You should check the most recent version of the master branch, because we have updated the solutions for this challenge. The changes have not made it into the production Guide, but that will be soon.

Also, we already have couple of others who have submitted pull requests (i.e. PR #35572 ) with other solutions.

Keep in mind that solutions added should be different in the algorithm used and must be at least as readable as the existing solutions. There are other solutions already which incorporate most of what you are doing here. Also, I believe your one-line return statement could be broken up a bit to make it more readable.