I was lost but now feel hopeful by finding and joining this community

Hi there,

I want to say Hi to everyone in this community.
I am happy to find this space. It feels that I found light in the dark.

I’ve been wishing to be a developer more than 10 years and recently I started learning actively to pursue the wish. I heard many times that becoming a developer doesn’t require a CS degree nor job experience. I was encouraged and learned through MOCC with full of hope even though I don’t have any background of it.

Recently, I felt that I need a real project rather than learning aimless. I thought some internships where I could get some guidance would be great but couldn’t find any because I’m not a current CS student. I felt deflated and frustrated. Internship and returnship are all for CS students, CS graduates or field experienced people. I’m none of them.

When I shared this frustration out of our “how are you” greeting, my friend who happen to be a life coach threw unexpected hard questions at me like what is my passion, what is my value and why do I want to be a developer, together with a practical questions of why I don’t want to apply for a college if it provides me internship opportunities, communities where I can get advice, share thoughts, information and work together encouraging each other to reach goals.

That made me to search those options and by chance I found this space.
I feel so fortunate to get to know this forum and feel that I finally can see some light in the dark where I dwelt for so long feeling cramped and frustrated.

I’m looking forward to learn at FCC, read posts, discuss topis, share information and experience here.


Hey :wave:t4:!

I’m happy you feel that way now! Keep it up and know that we’re here if you need help :slight_smile:.

Regards and happy coding (and learning)!

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