I was trying to solve this starting from the top and having it decrease. Anyone tell me what im missing?

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function factorialize(num) {
let product = 1
  for (let i = num; i = 0; i--){
   product *= i
 } return product

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Challenge: Factorialize a Number

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In this line, you have i = 0. What do you think that is doing? I would suggest looking up the difference between the assignment operator and comparison operators. There is a further issue with the logic there, but if you fix this here, it works.

whats the issue with logic? i just changed i === 0 and its still not working

So let’s look at how a for loop actually works:

for( starting condition; continuing condition; altering condition){

  • The starting condition in yours is i = num. So you’re saying "set my i to the value of num before looping. Works as intended, and will do exactly as you say.
  • The continuing condition means “Loop so long as this condition is being met.” In your case, you’re saying “Loop as long as i is exactly equal to 0.” But is that your intent?

thank you so much. i figured it

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