I went to an interview for a contract to hire job

I answered to most of the technical questions they asked me and they looked pretty satisfied with my answers.

I was wondering whether it is a bad thing that’s a contract to hire job or not.
I’ve been looking up the meaning of contract to hire for a while now and I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing.

It would be my first work experience so it might be a good opportunity.

What do you guys think?

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It’s better than a plain contract and not as good as an employee hire. Maybe they want to try you out before they hire you. Maybe they’re not completely sure they’ll need you in six months. Maybe a full hire (with benefits) isn’t in their budget at the moment. Just be glad you got something - many of us would give our first born for a contract-to-hire.


They said they wanted to try me out for a month and then decide.

They use GIT, so they can see what I’ve actually been doing and how much I’ve contributed to their projects.

They will probably make their decision based on the amount of work I’ve done.

They will probably make their decision based on the amount of work I’ve done.

And hopefully quality.

Take the job. Even if you do a bad job, it’s a month of experience. Worst case scenario - you do a bad job and get fired and 1 out of 10,000,000 potential employers will never hire you again.

Clearly they think you have a shot at this. Just go in and work your ass off. At the least you’ll learn alot, at best you’ll get a job. It’s a win/-win from your perspective.

I haven’t heard anything from them yet.
I’ll keep on working on my skills and still think they might take me into account later.
If they needed me right away they would have sent me an email which they didn’t.

They made it look like I was a good candidate for the job so I don’t know what to think.

This is how I got my current (Full time) dev job. I was initially hired with a couple other individuals on 30 day contracts and was hired full time during that contract period. I would definitely suggest going for it if they come back to you. If you are hired you definitely want to push yourself hard to learn and communicate while you have the opportunity. My contract was 100% remote so any time I felt like I had nothing to work on I would start discussing that with the manager and finding ways I could get stuff done. I was persistent and did the job like my life basically depended on it (it sorta did…). If you treat it that way I’d be pretty confident in your results.

Anyways, hopefully they get back to you and best of luck :pineapple:


Thank you for your advice, that’s exactly the type of comment I was looking for. I’ll work as hard as I can to get them to like me. Hopefully I’ll succeed in this. You’re such an inspiration to me now.


I think I haven’t made it, I haven’t heard anything from them yet, it’s been already 2 days.

I went to the interview on Friday (they don’t work on the weekends) so they had enough time to decide. They could have at least sent me an email that I haven’t made it for the job, that’s so rude from them.

Two days is nothing. I know we want an answer now, now, NOW! - but they are working on a different timeline. They are taking their time and trying to make the right decision because they are going to be stuck with you for a while. Unless they told you they would get back to you in two days, don’t sweat it.

But statistically you’re going to get rejected a lot more than hired. So just keep the job search up. You don’t have the job until you have an offer in writing. And you owe them nothing, except maybe a courtesy call if you get hired somewhere else in the mean time. But they are continuing with their search so so should you.

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I didn’t receive any email yet, I am 100% sure now.

But I am keeping on looking.