I will be glad to reed you feedback please

You should leave the script in your code to be able to run the tests to ensure you meet all the requirements.

Yours did not meet the second requirement, " I can see a short explanation with id=“description” in P sized text".
Also, run the validator for HTML and CSS that codepen.io provides. That’s the arrow in the upper right of the respective sections. It will tell you if you have any errors. You have a <p> element that’s a child of a <small> element.

I noticed you did some styling in HTML rather than in CSS. For instance, you styled each of the asterisks in your HTML. You could have done it one time in CSS.

It’s a nit but typically in a form the asterisk means the field is required. You’re only checking two of the four.

The comments section falls out of your form on a smaller screen.

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate