I will become a software engineering

Hello Campers,
Hope you all doing well, I thought it is really healthy to say hi to you all and it’s a way to connect and show love.

Currently i am commiting to become a full-stack developer. Using the MERN stack in the shortest time possible.

I would like also say that software engineering is a cumulative thing so for you learn and never forget do the following:
1.Active recall
2.Spaced repetition

You can use an app called anki…

Happy coding my guys
If you have any advice show some love.

#I Go Get

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I personally don’t see much use in using flashcards in learning programming since programming isn’t about memorization :person_shrugging:

I suppose in the beginning it could be helpful to get you started in regards to syntax. But other than that, I agree with @JeremyLT.

For stuff you don’t use often, you can and will need to look it up. Or ask enough times that people will tire of answering and you will be forced to look it up lol

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Yeah sure
I discovered this way of improving memory retention from a research paper.
_The research showed that making notes is a very poor way of learning - one will forget after three days or earlier,
_Repeating reading in one sitting,you will forget in almost three days,
-active recall you will retain content for 7days,
-spaced repetition which is best done with flash cards {anki} will again prolong your memory by another week,uses an algorithmic thinking that tries to make the curve flat(forgetting curve).
It’s really good in building solid foundation and the reason i suggested and you may a job that uses a whole different technology which you will need to learn quick and get started in the shortest time,this technique will really help…

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Again, coding really is not about memorization of factoids. This isn’t really a relevant technique for the overwhelming majority of what you need to know in order to become a good professional programmer. There aren’t any shortcuts to become a good programmer quick. You need to write a lot of code.



Maybe for other types of things. I think it comes down to context. And different people think in different ways, and therefore learn in different ways. But as @JeremyLT said, for programming, it comes down to just doing it, a lot of it, over a long time, to get good at it.

We don’t say these things to discourage you. Do what ever works well for you. I just think that for most people, when it comes to programming, rote memorization doesn’t help much if you aren’t taking time to think things through, understand the concepts and how they fit together, etc. There’s a lot more abstract and logical thinking involved than just learning and memorizing the “ABC’s” so to speak.

Take math for example. If you learn and understand concepts, you don’t have to memorize a bunch of formulas, you can derive them.

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I agree with you friends @JeremyLT @a_aramini

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